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Ease of doing business is our top of mind awareness.

Skien is the regional administrative centre and the largest city in Telemark. We are situated in the southern part of Norway and we boast beautiful nature and small town city life.

We focus on sustainability at all stages. This is the most important aspect in developing our area. We also understand the need for businesses to grow. Not every business can have a green focus, but we are extra supportive of those who are.

Abundance of locally produced green energy in our region, makes it possible to identify the Data Center industry as one of our focal points. We aim to export data instead of power because the energy transmission loss over long distances is huge, is not sustainable and very expensive.

Skien has a diverse industry within engineering, manufacturing and technology. We have several of the world’s large and leading process industry giants in our region.

As a consequence we have a highly educated work force with good command of foreign languages and a round the clock working tradition. We also have several advanced R&D institutions and university campuses in our region.

We are very proud and supportive of our local and regional businesses and corporations. Our Mayor, politicians and city administration always aim to be supportive and to be in close contact with local businesses. We are also very focused on attracting new businesses to our area. Do not hesitate to contact us if you consider to relocate or open new business in Norway.

Overview of Skien municipality’s 10 largest businesses (extend overview in the link).

We are looking forward to tell you more about business opportunities and our fantastic city. All dialogue with us is of course strictly confidential.

Available business areas

In the last 10-20 years, many new business areas have been developed; particularly in the area, we call Kjørbekk and Rødmyr. In connection with the new plan for areas in the municipality the focus have been to find new areas for business development.  

See the map basis from the municipal plan which shows stages for possible business areas.

Red areas= regulated business areas, but not developed, e.g: N19– «Bjørntvedt/ Dalenetomta».

Blue areas= not regulated business areas, but approved for business in the municipality plan for areas, e.g: N22– «Søndre Bjørntvedt».

Dark areas= not clarified business areas, but with aim of approval in the municipality plan, e.g: N26- «Bolvik v/ Bjorstaddalen».

The various areas are plotted in the map overviewing the municipality. At the top of the map there is a tabular overview of the various areas. The table shows overall information for each area. 

For more detailed information do not hesitate to get in contact with our business department.


In Skien we have many partners that we corporate with. We work together with organizations that want to make the best conditions for good establishment, and development of existing industry:

Grenland chamber of commerce

Kjørbekk and Rødmyr interest organization
They participate in the development of Kjørbekk and Rødmyr as a business area, including by being represented directly or indirectly in the district's business organizations and governing bodies.

Invest in Vestfold & Telemark
A Safe Haven -  The Vestfold and Telemark region aims to be a safe haven for green industry and innovative tech companies. 

Skien By
Skien By is an organization for businesses and larger building owners in the city center. Their goal is to get people to use the city! They work with promoting the city center of Skien as an exciting place for industry, culture and settlement. 

“Hotellet” office hotel
Office hotel in the center of Skien. Rental either monthly, drop-in, meeting rooms etc. 

Proventia helps to develop good business ideas into profitable companies. 

Powered By Telemark
Powered by Telemark is a technology and industry cluster located in Porsgrunn. They have a goal to become the first climate-positive region by 2040.

Innovation Norway
Innovation Norway helps Norwegian companies to grow sustainably and increase exports by providing access to competence, capital and networks.  

Port of Grenland

University of South-Eastern Norway
Norway's fourth largest University, with approximately 17,000 students and 1,900 staff, spread over eight campuses.

Contact our Business development team

We can be helpful with establishment of a new business, relocate, and find areas, premises or location in corporation. 

A picture of business development manager in Skien kommune, Monika Lønnebakke
Business development manager - Monika Lønnebakke

Phone +47 48 05 03 16, e-mail

A picture of development manager in Skien kommune, Knut M. Amlie
Development manager - Knut M. Amlie

Phone + 47 91 33 34 83, e-mail 

A picture of business advisor in Skien kommune, Anniken M. Borgerås
Business advisor - Anniken M. Borgerås

Phone +47 90 63 17 82, e-mail

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