Schools and education


Information about schools and universities in and nearby Skien

Norwegian authorities´ website "New in Norway" has useful information for those new in Norway.

Primary and secondary schools

Skien has 19 public primary and secondary schools, schools for special needs, and adult education.

There are also some private primary/secondary schools in Skien.

Primary and secondary schools in Skien.

Private, international school

International School Telemark (IST) use English as the teaching medium. IST has students from Grade 1 to Grade 10.

High schools

Skien has three public high schools:

For information in English, call  the administation (the county council of Telemark) Phone:  + 47 35 91 70 00.

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There is one private high school for sports in Skien:

There is one public, international high school in neighbouring town Porsgrunn:


Telemark has one university, divided in several campuses:

Norwegian higher education are basically for free, but there are several private colleges which require tuition fees.


Folkeuniversitetet’s activities aim to make leisure courses and further education accessible to all adults, regardless of social background. Folkeuniversitetet has a local department in Skien.

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